Author Topic: Wood Witch (1), (2), (3) (Halloween) quest  (Read 14735 times)


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Re: Wood Witch (1), (2), (3) (Halloween) quest
« Reply #15 on: November 03, 2014, 07:41:53 pm »
witch wood 3 you have to use 400 pro hook and line with rod to accommodate it . with bread or dog food . you have to buy all of the tackle with pearls grrrr if you can afford them that is . hope they can fix to where us that cant afford to do it can also complete the quest

Hello nancybrown, I have not heard this before, which task are you talking about? Please reply and kindly elaborate?  thank you. :)

FYI, there are many players who are completing this quest with small size tackle, like these :)
Before 10 min catch Skull!

Rod 5kg, line 3kg hook 3kg, larvae
Backpack: FFpro, pocket knife, net 5kg
without any potion
10 kg rod 3 kg line and hook 1 treasure and then skull. larvae bait
10kg rod 3kg hook and line bait larvae 6 skull on a trot no cap yet
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